These sculptures began as one-inch scale models placed within a maquette of the 10,000 square foot plaza and building that were similarly scaled. Then full-scale wooden models of each sculpture were created and mechanical drawings prepared for purposes of estimation and fabrication. Cad drawings of the plaza, sidewalk layout, landscape design and foundation plans for the sculptures were then produced and approved by the engineer. The selection committee unanimously accepted all of these models and drawings, along with the types of granite I had chosen.

Fabrication of the sculptures began while I finalized the landscaping design and selected the plantings. Prior to the work beginning on the site I transported all of the full-scale models to the plaza and arranged them according to the model in my studio. After some further adjustments in there positioning I finalized the plans for the foundations in each location for the nine sculptures. The sidewalk layout was adjusted accordingly, as was the landscape design.

The on site work began with pouring the foundations to their proper elevations matching the rise and run of the sidewalk and other peculiarities of their intended locations. The earth for the landscaping was trucked in and formed to create a two and one half foot high, forty foot diameter berm with a chamfered slope around it's perimeter. The sidewalk was laid out according to plan and the plants were brought in and the irrigation system for their care was installed. The sculptures were then craned into position and pinned to their foundations according the engineer's specifications.

I have used this same process in all of my commissions. It is thorough, time consuming and in the end goes unnoticed. Through extensive model making and drawings everyone involved in the project knows the scale and locations of the sculptures and the exact working schedule of everything that needs to be done prior to installation. After approval by the selection committee I then become the project manager overseeing the engineering, fabrication, site preparation, and installation.

Shunyata sidewalk plan"...working with Steven was interesting and was appreciated by all Plant Management staff.

He was very flexible with our needs and understanding with requests. He showed respect for not only the users of the area, but the people that maintain it."

— Bernie Steele,
Plant Management Division

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